Become a Partner

Differentiate Your Offering From Competitors

We offer you a new way to engage and protect your customers while growing your business.  The Parassure suite of touchless monitoring, insurance, and breach response, enables you to guarantee your customer’s security in a new way.

Customer Protection

Many potential security issues like phishing, ransomware, lost laptops, or third-party vendor breaches are outside your control, but that won’t stop customers from holding you accountable. Integrated cyber insurance protects your customers from risk while also protecting your business from liability.

Increase Revenue

By differentiating your business with Parassure, you will immediately be more competitive in the market. A Continuum SMB survey shows that customers would be willing to spend an additional 25% for the right security offering. 92% of customers would be willing to switch MSPs for a better offering.


Partner portal

Easily manage and deploy every customer in seconds.

Flexible Billing

Pay monthly, only for what your customers use.

Sales Enablement

Take advantage of sales support and materials to streamline the sales process.

Prospecting & Reports

Use proprietary reporting to demonstrate Parassure’s ROI to your customers and engage prospects with unique info about their security.

Platform Integration

Parassure provides full integration between APIs and connectors to popular industry applications like ConnectWise, Autotask, and more.

Breach Response Hotline

A 24/7 hotline is available to evaluate potential breaches, offer guidance through processes, and ensure your customer receives all the response services they need as soon as possible.