About Us

Our Story

Tyron was the Founder and President of a small business with a SaaS product.  After an audit exposed a potential vulnerability, Tyron lost sleep every night worrying about being hacked until it was patched.  Despite months of trying to unsuccessfully engage insurance brokers, Tyron realized the model was broken for small and medium businesses just like him (too expensive, too complicated, too many exclusions, not integrated).  Large companies can afford the teams of people and manage the costs, but 80% of small business owners like him can’t. 

Fortunately, Tyron was long-time friends with Luke, who spent the last decade building specialty insurance programs.  By building a risk monitoring tech stack, integrating with professional IT services to reduce risks, and building a collaborative distribution model, Tyron and Luke have built the next generation of Cyber Insurance.

Our Vision

As more technologies move the Cloud, businesses are inheriting more shared liability risks.  Much like health insurance, cyber insurance needs to be preventative to incentive the right behaviors to avoid a breach.  Furthermore, the under and un-insured need an economical model to afford them the same protections of large companies at a price that is reasonable for small and medium businesses.  We have built the next generation of cyber insurance with prevention technologies, efficient pricing and distribution networks, and innovative models for the cloud-driven world.

Tyron Stading

Before Parassure, Tyron was the Founder and CTO of Innography (legal technology SaaS startup that was acquired by CPA Global). Following the acquisition, Tyron was Chief Data Officer for the $3B parent company. Tyron has a Computer Science degree from Stanford University and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Luke Ledbetter

Prior to co-founding Parassure, Luke served as Executive Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer in the program services division of State National Companies (NYSE:MKL). An attorney by trade, Luke earned his law degrees from Cambridge University and The University of Texas at Austin.


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