Beyond Cyber Assurance

Bundle Breach Crisis Response Services &
Cyber Insurance for Your Customers

“Customers love that I can offer them a security guarantee the CEO can understand.”

Cyber Exposure  for SMBs

The majority of all cyber attacks are directed at small and medium-sized businesses, making them the most vulnerable. Despite this, 80% of SMBs do not have cyber insurance. This creates both a cyber and financial risk because most SMBs are forced out of business following a breach.

Response and Recovery is Painful

Protection services on the market today provide no insurance or breach response, creating delays and additional costs as SMBs are left either uninsured or under-insured.

The Parassure Solution

Parassure provides a suite of indirect monitoring services bundled with cyber insurance, creating a completely integrated offering that provides superior financial security.  Bundle this with your prevention, security, or IT services  to  guarantee your customer’s protection.

Integrated with your Offering

Parassure works closely with service providers, security vendors, and IT partners to pre-integrate our monitoring and breach response professionals to immediately assist if an incident occurs.

Bundled Insurance Guarantee

  • Channel-Only
  • $250,000 Coverage, up to $1M available
  • $0 Deductible
  • Instant Underwriting (No Forms)
  • A+ Rated Carrier
  • Breach Crisis Response: (Legal, Security, Crisis &
    Risk Management, Forensics, and more)


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